So, you are stuck … now what?

How to get help from the online community


Marie-Hélène Burle

Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, Discourse forums, and other online platforms … the internet is a treasure trove of online communities where you can find solutions to your coding problems. To have a positive experience and get the answers you need however, you have to know where to ask, how to ask, and when not to ask: if countless people are willing to give you their time for free, they usually expect that you do your part.

In this webinar, I will present key online sites, their functioning, and their culture; then I will go over the magic trick to get answers to your questions: knowing how to create minimum reproducible examples. I will not focus on any particular language as the principles (how to create a minimal dataset, how to deal with private data, how to create self-sufficient code, how to reproduce the problem, etc.) can apply to any language.

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