Modern Emacs

All those new tools that make Emacs better and faster


Marie-Hélène Burle

Emacs might have been created in the 70s, but development is alive and well:

  • 10 years ago version 24 brought huge speedups with lexical binding.

  • In 2022, version 28 added—among other things—just-in-time native compilation for elisp code for improved performance.

  • Version 29 last year brought countless exciting new additions such as official tree-sitter support and built-in Eglot and use-package.

  • In addition to Emacs itself, a profusion of modern packages have emerged over the past few years (e.g. the vertico/consult/orderless/marginalia/embark completion system; corfu and cape for at point completion) bringing great speed and sleekness to the user experience.

All these features are optional however and you need to learn about them to take advantage of their huge benefits. This webinar intends to get you started making Emacs really fast.

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