A few more of our favourite tools


Marie-Hélène Burle

Alex Razoumov

In a previous webinar, we presented three of our favourite command line tools. Today, we will introduce other tools we find really useful in our daily workflow:

  • lazygit: a wonderful terminal UI for Git,
  • bat: a great syntax highlighter,
  • ripgrep: a fast alternative to grep,
  • fd: a /really/ fast alternative to find,
  • pass: a command line password manager.

Along the way, I will use a few other neat command line tools such as hyperfine—for sophisticated benchmarking—and diff-so-fancy—which makes your diffs a lot more readable.

For the Emacs users among you, we will finish the workshop with two Emacs utilities:

  • TRAMP: a remote file access system,
  • Helm: a “framework for incremental completions and narrowing selections”.